Road to The First Overseas Trip With Baby #Part2

Hello, well I’m still busy to arrange the itinerary for our trip.

  1. Ticket has been issued!
  2. Day Schedule for 10 Days has been planned!
  3. My clothes has been packed!

but several things still coming up to be finished, like Visa, My husband and toddler clothes, things to buy…hmm…looks still many things to do :p

it’s fine, we still have time ^_^

By the way, my toddler is getting cute day by day. He’s my sunshine everyday and my moonlight every night. My husband just like … I dont know, but I feel like he is a half of me. That’s makes me realize that Allah SWT really created a couple to fill each other.

I can describe my feeling but something big is always exist in my heart.

I wish my toddler and my husband always in good health and happiness.


With Love,



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